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Protecting the pack ebook - Copy 1.jpg

Protecting the Pack (an Urban Fantasy novella)

Earthquakes, Demons, Wizards. Oh My!


Damn it. All I wanted to do was sit in my cottage, drink my tea, and learn how to make potions. But when a series of earthquakes brings the UK to its knees and a group of refugees seek shelter in my forest, it also brings trouble. By trouble, I mean the demon kind, the ones who are searching for the werewolves I have hidden on my land.

That’s when Daniel Locke, a wizard from one of the most infamous families, comes offering help … and a few other things … but I can’t dwell on his gorgeous face or those dazzling eyes. We’ve got demons to hunt, after all. The demons will stop at nothing to get to my wolves and the secrets they possess.

When it’s only Daniel and I standing in their way, we’d better be ready, or the world will go to hell.

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