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House of Wolves - Book One in the Silver Moon series


After the death of her parents, Luna returns to the home she was exiled from at the age of six. Burdened with resentment, she attempts to push through the emotions but the fight pales to the feelings her brother’s best friend Chase ignites in her. Despite having a boyfriend back home, more than just anger rises in Luna whenever she’s near him.

However, the shadows of the small town cannot conceal the supernatural secrets they possess and Luna’s perception of her family shatters when an ancient fae attacks. Her brother is not only the alpha of the local werewolf pack, but her only protector against the darkest secret in their lives.

Not that she has time to dwell on it. For the fae demands the one artefact that can bring all werewolves to their knees. To save them, Luna must use every ounce of strength she possesses to keep the artefact safe … or watch her brother and his pack perish.

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