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Honour, She Obeys: A Dark and Twisted Mulan Retelling (A Never After Tale)

When honour demands blood, who will make the sacrifice?

When the threat of the Rouran calls all Tuoba men to war, Mulan knows her father won’t be able to survive in the bloodbath to come. Facing marriage to a man determined to bend her to his will, Mulan creates her own fate by taking her father’s place.

Under the command of dragon shifter Prince Kang, she fights alongside men she has known for years, and those she must keep her true identity from. The more time she spends with Kang, the more she struggles to conceal who she really is along with her growing feelings for him. After a humiliating defeat, Kang and Mulan are given a final task to earn redemption – find the ancestral cave in the hope that its legendary powers can protect their kingdom.

Lurking in the shadows of the Imperial Palace, nefarious forces are set on taking that power for themselves. Blood and betrayal wait around every corner, making one wrong step all it will take to lead not only to their destruction, but the entire world’s.

Honour, She Obeys is a dark retelling that is part of the Never After Tales – a collection of over 40 authors giving your favourite fairy-tales a new twist.

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